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Hamura Uzumaki [Legendary Historic Character]

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Hamura Uzumaki [Legendary Historic Character]

Post by Hamura on Tue May 24, 2016 12:12 pm


Full Name: Hamura Uzumaki
Devil King of the Sixth Heaven
Konoha's Red Demon [Akayasha]
Hamura of the Red Sky
Jūhachidaime Hokage [Eighteenth Fire Shadow]
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Appearance: [What does your character look like? Try to aim for two to three full paragraphs. Describe their height, weight, build, skin tone, eyes and hair. What kind of presence does your character have, or what kind of expression/mannerism they have in a certain situation? What does your character wear usually, or what kind of style they have in clothing - notable accessories, any scars, tattoos should be mentioned here as well. For modified souls, you need to describe their container/original form, as well as what host body they are occupying. Picture alone won't cut the appearance section, and you will be asked to write it out, even if you have a known animanga face-claim.]

Personality: [How does your character behave in general, and what is their personality like around others? What drives them forward each day? Are they pacifist in combat, or do they enjoy the thrill of battle and bloodshed? Talk about their defining characteristics and demeanor in different situations with at least three full paragraphs. Bestow insight into both negative and positive sides of your character. We want to get a good feeling of how your character would act in an example situation, when we read the app.]


History: [This is the history section of the application, where you're supposed to tell what led your character to this point. The more detailed and extensive history you have, the higher the tier you can receive, and this means going from when your character was born to current events in their lives - any 'blank spaces' in history are generally not tolerated. Youth and adulthood of your character, the turning points of their life, how they attained their powers and skills, what made them dream of something in specific, etc. For modified souls, the project they were part of plays a great part.]

Roleplay Sample: [This is where you show us, how capable roleplayer and interesting author you are. Show off with your writing skills, for the better your RP Sample is, the better tier you will get upon review!]


 Fire Release
 Wind Release
 Lightning Release
 Earth Release
 Water Release
 Yin Release
 Yang Release
 Yin-Yang Release


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